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PlanetOxoPositive®  plastic products are the smart way for your business to show commitment to the environment by utilising environmentally preferable cost effective solutions that are oxo-biodegradable.


The PlanetOxoPositive® certified trademark is intended to be used on and to promote plastic products that are recyclable, but which are also oxo-biodegradable if they do end up in the environment such as waterways and landfill sites.

Everyday plastics such as recyclable retail carry bags can be manufactured with oxo-biodegradable technology meaning that they are programmed to break down or degrade faster than ordinary plastics.

Oxo-biodegradable plastics have improved degradability compared to plastics that are only oxo-degradable, in that, once the polymers have been sufficiently reduced by oxidation, the plastic is attacked by natural microorganisms to further break down the plastic into carbon dioxide, water and non-toxic residues.





In consultation with Governments and scientific bodies worldwide, your product will be an approved 

oxo-biodegradable solution.


Strong reusable, recyclable and shelf-life stable.


An environmentally preferable non-toxic solution that

passes all the tests:

1. Degradation by oxidation​

2. Biodegradation​

3. Photo-toxicity

Be PlanetOxoPositive!

In order to be eligible to display the mark, packaging must contain an oxo-biodegradable formulation that has been certified by an authorised authority to have the following characteristics:

(a) A degradable plastic product containing an amount of the oxo-biodegradable formulation determined in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations will meet:

(i) American Standard ASTM D 6954 - Standard Guide for Plastics that Degrade in the Environment by a Combination of Oxidation and Biodegradation; or

(ii) British Standard 8472:2011 – Packaging – Method for determining the biodegradability, oxo-biodegradability and phyto-toxicity of plastics; and

(b) A degradable plastic product containing an amount of the oxo-biodegradable formulation determined in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations will meet regulatory requirements for food contact plastics as established by:

(i) EU Regulation No. 1935/2004 - materials and articles intended to come into contact with food; or

(ii) Australian Standard AS 2070-1999 – Plastic materials for food contact use; or

(iii) US Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act



We help educate and lead the way to set the benchmark for what the public expect to see with disposable plastic waste management.


Solutions provided such as cost-effective 100% post-recycled plastics are sustainable, as there is no premium to supply virgin materials to manufacture disposable packaging as recycling becomes more efficient within the community.


We also apply advanced Oxo-biodegradable technology to create an environmentally preferable solution that is an affordable, strong and reusable soloution for retailers and consumers with the benefits for reuse and recycled closed loop systems.


Oxo-biodegradable plastics are a smarter option helping prevent plastic pollution, are scietifically approved non-toxic plastics for the planet and are the best sustainable choice that your company can choose to use compared to ordinary plastics.





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